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I’m Dylan Roussel. I’m a software engineer from France. I have a passion for creating innovative apps and designing intuitive components and layouts. I’ve also been contributing to 9to5Google, where I’ve uncovered hundreds of hidden features in Android betas and Google apps during the past few years.


Inware is a simple Android app that displays hardware and software information about your Android device. As of June 2023, it has gained nearly 400K unique downloads. It was originally built as an experiment/side project with Java back in 2018. It was then rewritten in Kotlin in 2019, and is currently being rewritten with Jetpack Compose. Inware was the very first app on the Play Store to add support for the new Dynamic Color feature, introduced as part of Material You.



Actio is a small Figma plugin allowing you to quickly resize a frame based on an aspect ratio. It was built with TypeScript and React, and with simplicity in mind.

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